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Pork Loin Back ribs, like so many other loved comfort foods, started out as a poor man’s food. Ribs were just the (leftovers) when making a Boneless Pork Loin Roast. The butchers would have to give away or sell them cheap. People found out with proper cooking and seasoning that they were delicious. Ribs soon became an American Tradition. With the price of ribs going up with their popularity, Greater American Ribs looked for a way to keep them affordable for the average customer. They realized the largest demand was for the smaller ribs. The reason being, they were the easiest to get tender.

Greater American Ribs created a custom cooking process that enables them to use a larger, much meatier rib and still keep them tender. They discovered in doing this, that people actually like the larger ribs because of the amount of meat between each bone. That added to their affordability makes this a winning combination. We use that same cooking process with our Shredded Pork, Beef and chicken. When you add Grandma Angie’s Barbecue Sauce to any of the above items, they are not to be missed.
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